Athletics incorporated as a sport in the initial up-to-the-minute Olympic Games in the year 1896 and ever since has been the branch of the program, providing the spine of the Olympics. Athletics an collection of sports – explicitly can be played as both outdoor sports over and above indoor sports that embrace events approximating running, throwing and jumping. In a quantity of nations like Germany and Russia, this sport is referred to as "light athletics" differentiating from "heavy athletics," for instance weight lifting, wrestling, etc. Sports Information on - ATHLETIC EVENTS.

Track events: running events accomplishing on a 400 meter track. •Sprints •Middle distance •Long distance •Hurdling •Relays

Some of the proceedings, as such medley relays, seldom run with the exception of huge relay cavalcades. Road running demeanor on open roads, often concluding on the track. In major international athletics championships such as the Olympics, marathon is the merely long-distance jog. •Race walking: as a rule carried out on open roads. 10 km, 20 km and 50 km are the general events. •Field events •Throwing events •Shot put •Hammer throw •Javelin throw •Discus throw


Types of Sport Games included in Athletics Indoor •Seized during winters. •Tracks are of 200 meters mostly. •Consists of four to six lanes. •The 100 m and 110 m/100 m hurdles are reinstated next to the 60 m sprint and 60 m hurdles. •The 5,000 m is the longest event commonly run indoors. •High jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump and shot put congregate as Indoors Outdoor •Detained during spring and summer. •The tracks are usually an oval shape track of 400 meters. •The track is usually of 6-10 lanes. •High jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump and shot put are the field event as well comprising of javelin, hammer and discus throws.